Make a dish with ‘grate’ expectations

Made in Yorkshire, but loved everywhere, our carefully-matured cheeses are the simple way to give classic dishes a bit of umph. Whether you’re grating, melting or eating them straight off the block, they can help you take your meals up a notch.

Perfect Ploughmans


Cheese bored? Rediscover your love for a ploughmans lunch with our carefully matured cheeses. Just add some crusty bread and pickles, and you're done!

Super Skins


Simple dishes can be exceptional dishes when you use a few really high quality ingredients. Try it for yourself by crumbling some Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar on potato skins.

Magnificent Mac


The ultimate comfort food is even more soothing with a bit of Double Yorkshire stirred in. Its golden colour and buttery flavour are just the thing to give it a creamy boost.

Love Your Lunch


It’s time to add some colour and nutty richness to your lunchtime. Give the humble cheese sandwich a lift with a few slices of Yorkshire Red.