Double Sausage and Egg Toastie Muffin with Double Yorkshire

Ahhhh who doesn’t like melted cheese eh?! As always, it’s all about the best quality ingredients, simply cooked for the best flavour. Use the best pork sausage meat you can buy for this, a good quality egg and muffin and, coupled with Yorkshire Creamery Double Yorkshire which melts incredibly well! You’ll be having this for breakfast time and time again!

 Serves 1.


 2 Squig Square Pork Sausages (Lorne sausage or other sausage patties), cut into 8cm rounds (if you wish or leave them square)

1 large good quality free range egg (e.g. Burford Brown)

1 Jacksons Proper Yorkshire Muffin (available from Waitrose)

25g Yorkshire Creamery Double Yorkshire, cut into 2 to 3mm thick slices

Yorkshire Butter

Yorkshire rapeseed oil, for frying

Maldon sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, to serve


  1. Preheat a grill to a medium to high temperature, slice the muffin in half and toast the muffin on the inside until nicely browned. Then lightly butter the muffin halves.
  2. Preheat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat (no oil needed) then cook the sausage patties on one side for 3 minutes, followed by 3 minutes on the other side.
  3. On one half of the toasted muffin, place a few slices of Double Yorkshire so that they hang over the edge slightly. Place the sausage patties on top followed by another layer of cheese. Then place under the hot grill until the cheese has just melted. Depending on the heat of the grill, this could take 30 seconds or about a minute.
  4. Heat the same frying pan you cooked the sausage in over medium heat, add a small drizzle of rapeseed oil then place a greased 8cm round cutter into the pan. Crack an egg into it then fry for a few minutes to your desired level of doneness.
  5. Place the egg on top of the muffin and season with a touch of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Place the other muffin half on top and serve with Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

Recipe by Paul Robinson (Yorkshire Gourmet)

Instagram: @yorkshiregourmet