Beyoncé loves a selfie!

All the single ladies! Beyoncé is a favourite on the farm, a diva who loves a good scratch and a selfie!

Beyoncé certainly lives up to her name – she’s always posing for photos, doesn’t like to walk into the milking parlour without getting a scratch for at least 5 minutes (and if it’s for a shorter time she huffs and puffs until the scratching continues!), she’s a natural leader, always stretching over gates and veering off course to find even nicer grass to graze on, taking the herd with her. But of course, she’s always centre stage. When in the milking parlour, we play the radio as the girls absolutely love it – especially when Beyoncé’s namesake is singing her biggest hits!

Beyoncé is from The Home Farm – and produces milk for Yorkshire Creamery cheeses. The family-run farm ‘s main priority is Happy cows! Their herd of happy cows spend their days grazing the hills of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. It’s their priority to make sure they are healthy and well looked after – happy cows make a happy farmer! Beyoncé’s milk is also sold in The Home Farmer’s amazing Milk Vending Machine – read about it here!