From lush grass to luscious cheese – bringing you the flavour of the Yorkshire Dales.

From the moment the cows are milked, to the moment our cheeses have their final taste-test, everything we do takes place in and around our home in Yorkshire. Our ‘cream team’ oversee everything, their knowledge, expertise and attention to detail ensures that every cheese is top notch.

Amazing Grazing

At the heart of everything we make is Yorkshire milk. Pure and prized, it deserves respect, with ideal levels of butterfat and protein that make it perfect for making rich, robust cheese. Yorkshire milk owes its quality to the lush meadows on which our farmers’ cows graze. And those meadows owe everything to the region’s rich soil and temperamental climate. So, yes, our cheese is “made in Yorkshire”. But “made by Yorkshire” might be more accurate.

It's a Hands-On process

There are faster ways to make cheese but our skilled team use traditional recipes and techniques instead. We'd rather stick with the approaches that have been handed down through generations as we know they produce honest, authentic cheeses that we can be proud to put our name to.

A slice of Yorkshire excellence

Turning milk into cheese is just the start of the process, all our cheeses are then carefully matured over time. But we don’t go to all this trouble because we’re sticklers for tradition. We do it because we believe that strength and character matter.